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Mrs & Mr Squirrel

280,00 €Prix
  • Mr & Mrs Squirrel !

    They are so delicate and refined!

    Their appearances and their outfits are very detailed and neat.

    They are made of top quality felted wool, washed naturally.

    I use delicate fabrics such as silk velvet, linen, cotton or silk to make their small clothes.
    Each of their little clothes is carefully handmade.

    Mrs Squirrel holds a golden tray with a plate of cream puffs and a tartlet. She wears a velvet shawl and a dress embroidered with gold thread. She measures 9 cm.

    Mr Squirrel holds a Christmas gift. He wears a small vest entirely embroidered by hand. He measures 9 cm.

    - Each small animal is packed with care and love so that it can discover its new home.

    - These small creatures are collectors for adults or adult children; they are not suitable for young children and should be kept away from pets at all times.

    - My creations are made in a non-smoking environment.


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